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Brain Retrain for Weight Loss

A unique physical and psychoeducational weight loss programme

Are you tired of yoyo dieting? Tired of starting a diet and then falling off the wagon? Fed up of the weight creeping back on? I know exactly how frustrating this can be...

Let this be NO MORE!

There IS a way out of this vicious cycle! Brain Retrain teaches the cognitive and behavioural skills necessary to lose weight effectively and is the ultimate antidote to the self sabotage that has got in your way in the past. 

This programme includes

- 3 x strength workouts per week

- 4 psychophysical educational topics per week

- A community of like-minded ladies

- Access to me and any questions answered

Are you ready to find out more and transform your mindset and your life? 

It's starting in September. Why not grab a fitness freebie below while you wait

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But today, I have a free fat loss guide for you straight to your inbox!

Go on, what are you waiting for!

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